How do I get my package shipped to my country?

We ship worldwide through DHL from Ghana to the rest of the world. Shipping takes approximately 5-7 days. We will send you your tracking number after shipment in order for you to be updated until delivery of your package. 

What is the shipping fee to my country?

Shipping fee is generated by DHL Express and is based on your destination country and the total weight of your package.The lowest weight shipped is 0.5kg which is equal to 2 bottles of Downsyz capsules.To know your shipping fee, select the products and quantities and go to checkout section.After choosing your preferred country for your package to be shipped to at the billing section, the system will display your shipping fee at the order summary. 

Will I pay for shipping duty or tax when my package arrives?

In most cases, you are not required to pay tax on your shipping, however, in some countries, a high value of products and shipping attracts a small fee as tax. 

How do I make payment?

For International orders and shipping, we accept Mastercard or Visa card payment.If you use a remittance platform that allows you to send mobile money payment to Ghana, you can pay through that means as well.Only Debit Cards & Mobile Money Payments are accepted. 

My payment is not going through. What is happening?

There could be a number of reasons. 

Your card

1. is not a Debit Mastercard or Visa card.

2. has expired. 

3. not linked to your bank account.

4. has been deactivated by your bank.

5. you entered the card details wrongly.

6. does not have enough money on it for your payment to go through.

7. is exceeding the daily limit amount for payments set by the bank.

Your remittance medium does not allow sending mobile money payments to Ghana.